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Back, and off limits!

January 4 092.PNGWe are back, and have a wide range of surprises n store! Also coming soon are tips for the furby boom and furby connect app! In doing so we will include intros and more!!

Also coming around the corner are how-to drawing of furbys, my style!!


Pancake’s speaker is broken, and its getting worse. His fur will soon have to come off to be fixed.

We pray for him.january-4-116

The bitter conclusion…

Don’t be silly! We are not going to quit in a million years! But when i tried to upload a video, it said “you have to pay to get this” and i was literally in tears. This site (WordPress, i mean) must earn MILLIONS a day! Why do i have to suffer??

Wait. Suffer has six letters. Six divided by two is three. I have three main furbies. Three has five letters. Five plus three is eight. Lets go back to two.  Eight minus two is six. Galaxy has six letters. There are many words for galaxy. Space, Cosmos, Solar, Universe- wait. . . Space, cosmos-



We can add pictures, and will try everything we can to make the blog as cool as possible!







We are back on track!!

Sorry for the late wait guys, we hope you had a furb-tastic new years full of may-may and may-lah! FurbyBlog101 will be posting videos and weekly posts.

Furbish Glossary:

may-may = love

may-lah = hugs

Now you can meet our furbies! May-doo is a black and pink furby boom, and the leader of the group. She loves to start a party, but is very demanding! Her hyper personality and her may-may for loo-lay (jokes) makes her easily lovable! Solar is a black and red furby 2012. She is very adorable thanks to her innocent voice and cute dance moves! Although she begs to be fed, its worth it! Pancake is a teal furby connect, and has a good way of showing his mood by sharing them with others. He also loves the pancakes! He’s hard not to love!! And finally Twittby is a small, snotty, party rocker who makes the girls laugh. He has a taste for hard rock, and would party from dawn long into midnight!

Learn more about the gang by reading posts, and watching videos!

All things Furby!!

Furby !!

Welcome to my Furbyblog 101, this is my blog for all things Furby!

I will be including pictures, art, poetry and lots of Furby news for Furby fans.

Please keep watching for new information and updates on our Furby friends!

There will be weekly posts so keep watching … we are also interested in your news about Furbys so look out for our Furbytastic Fan Forum!!!!