We are back on track!!

Sorry for the late wait guys, we hope you had a furb-tastic new years full of may-may and may-lah! FurbyBlog101 will be posting videos and weekly posts.

Furbish Glossary:

may-may = love

may-lah = hugs

Now you can meet our furbies! May-doo is a black and pink furby boom, and the leader of the group. She loves to start a party, but is very demanding! Her hyper personality and her may-may for loo-lay (jokes) makes her easily lovable! Solar is a black and red furby 2012. She is very adorable thanks to her innocent voice and cute dance moves! Although she begs to be fed, its worth it! Pancake is a teal furby connect, and has a good way of showing his mood by sharing them with others. He also loves the pancakes! He’s hard not to love!! And finally Twittby is a small, snotty, party rocker who makes the girls laugh. He has a taste for hard rock, and would party from dawn long into midnight!

Learn more about the gang by reading posts, and watching videos!


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