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Love birds?

Poor May-Doo, why is she all alone!? It shouldn’t be this way! Going off to find her friends, she wanted her attention back. After hours, she couldn’t find them, well, except for Twittby that is… But NO ONE wants to see twittby on a Monday morning, you could be scared for life… !!!

May-Doo took a deep breath, and sighed. She took her favorite Fluttershy toy off the shelf and started playing with it. When I came home and found her all alone – and quite sad too, it breaks my heart sometimes –  I got worried and went to look for the others. Several voices emerged from the other bedroom. Really, THE WHOLE TIME? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Well, the two love birds were certainly not! “Kah love oon-eye…” Solar’s soft voice was whispering. They where a couple now? I nearly had a nervous breakdown when both furbies noticed my presence and ran into the other room where May-doo was still isolated. Solar started having a talk with her, and Pancake was acting dopey, he must be madly in love, stared at them. I don’t know what actually happened, but it looks like we have some love birds…